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Author Guidelines

The articles submitted to Journal of Arteoloji must be written in Word (Office) and uploaded to the system.

The authors, the Article Writing Template should be downloaded, and all the manuscripts must be organized based on the template. Besides, must download and sign the Ethical Declaration Form and Consent for Publication Form and upload them along with the article in pdf format. The articles shall not be published without signing these forms.


Article headings must be written in Turkish with uppercase, Times New Roman 12 point, bold and must not exceed twelve words. The heading in English must be written just below the heading in Turkish with 11 point, bold, and italics, and the first letter of each word must be uppercase while the rest is lowercase. If the article is derived from a master’s thesis, doctoral dissertation, or a paper presented at a scientific symposium or financial support, grant etc. is received for the study it must be stated with a (*) (star) sign in the heading as a footnote. The footnote must be justified and in Times New Roman 10 point.

2-Author’s Name

The author’s name must be written under the heading in English with only the first letters of each word uppercase in 11 point and aligned in the centre. A star (*) footnote must be added to the author’s surname. If there is more than one author, an additional star (*) sign must be placed for each author, respectively. The title of the author, the organization that the author works for (university, faculty, department, etc.), e-mail, and ORCID number must be written in 9 point in the footnote of the first page. The authors who do not have an ORCID number must register at If there are more than one author, the ORCID numbers of all authors must be written.

Authors should not write the name and surname section at the first stage of uploading the articles to the journal site.


Abstracts in Turkish and English must be 150-200 words. The text of abstracts and keywords must be 11 point with a single line spacing, italics and justified. Five keywords must be written below the abstract. After blind referee process is completed, an Extended Summary in English containing 750-1000 words for articles written in Turkish must be added below the abstract in English while Extended Summary in Turkish containing 750-1000 words for articles written in English must be added below the abstract in Turkish prior to publication.

4-Text of the Article

The articles must be written in Times New Roman (including the headings) 12 point with a 1.5 line spacing, justified and there must be 6 point spacing between the paragraphs. Top page margin must be 4 cm and the other margins must be 3 cm. Additional blank lines must not be placed between the paragraphs. Footnotes must be written in Times New Roman 10 point, justified with a single line spacing. Italics must be used for parts to be emphasized. The introduction must not exceed 6000 words.

Paragraphs, Headings and Subheadings must be aligned with first line indent, and the first letter of the title must be capitalized. Numbering is allowed if necessary, and the numbers must be consecutive.

5-Writing Rules

APA (American Psychological Association) form must be used in the articles submitted to Journal of Arteoloji.


The image used must be centered on the page "In Line with Text". No more than 12 images should be used. For figures such as pictures, images, photographs, maps, graphs, notes, etc., only the term "Figure" should be written in the text without abbreviation. If there is a "Table", this rule is excluded. Image numbers should follow each other at the bottom and should be in bold. The description text should be in 12-point font with the initial letter of the first word capitalized in "No Spacing" style. At the end, there should be a citation according to APA7 style.

Please click for the APA rules!